A Little About Me


Being a photographer, and spending time on the road shooting my clients’ special moments, does not make me any different from them. I also have family and special moments of my own, just as they do, which makes me not only understand what they expect from a photographer, it also motivates me into providing an even better service that they will cherish forever.


My career started with a small Home Recording Studio for local talents in Puerto Rico, around 2004, established in a small part of my home, where I worked with small upcoming talents trying to get into the music industry, but lacked finances to hire larger recording studios for their demo tracks. During this time, I encountered multiple kinds of media projects from other entrepreneurs, which pushed me to acquire new practices in order to meet project demands, not only in audio, but also photo and video production. After a few years, seeing that the economy in Puerto Rico wasn’t going anywhere good, moving to the U.S. seemed a good option to expand my new career interest, which I did, and decided to officialize my photography career following the path of education, at the Art Institutes of Pittsburgh, majoring in Photography and Graphic Design.