The Compulsive Retoucher

Everyone loves sharing. I mean… isn’t that what Social Networks are for? Everything is about sharing days. Social networks are not only a great form of staying in touch, but now, they have added filters for photos.

When you hire a photographer, he goes back to his computer to balance, color correct and perfectly retouch your photos to optimal quality. We want you to share these photos! There are situations where filters do not help, as shown below:

(This photo was purposely edited to be used as example. The model did not alter the original images in any way when they were delivered to her.)

Photoshop is a very complex piece of software. The fact that a person has Photoshop doesn’t make them a graphic expert. There are many other things that must be taken into account when you are editing photos. For example, SCREEN CALIBRATION is an important factor. If your screen is not properly calibrated, you should really stay away from photo retouching.

So, as photographers, we encourage you to share your photos, but please keep in mind that if you are going to overexpose or drastically saturate these photos after we work on them, and someone asks you who took the photo…we ask in a friendly manner for you to do us a favor and lie. We don’t want that kind of credit.