What the Client Really Pays For

In most situations, the client believes that the photographer has the easiest part of the job, whether it be a private photo session or an event, and let’s not even get into weddings. In order to bring a better understanding to current and future clients of what our job really consists of, I set here a small explanation of a project routine. In this case, we will use a Wedding as an example.

Before the event, our jobs are very similar… we are preparing. As you figure out what DJ will provide your entertainment, what catering hall will host your event, who will decorate your reception, among other wedding plans… your photographer is looking up your venue location in order to decide what gear, and what locations are to be used for your photos and to set up a travel schedule in order to be on time. During your ceremony and your reception, while you are happily celebrating, dancing, and enjoying time with your loved ones, your photographers will be following every step you take and every moment in order to capture the memories that you hired a photographer for. However, the fun part for your photographer comes after the wedding… which is the point I want to reach.

After your wedding, you have made plans for a beautiful honeymoon with your newlywed partner. While you are enjoying this wonderful time of relaxation and alone time… your photographer is still not done with his work. He now has the enduring task of post processing your photos, in order to deliver to you high quality images that will always remind of that moment that you sacrificed and worked so hard to prepare for. The photographer spends days, sometimes even weeks (depending on the amount of photos) performing white balance, color correction, cropping, and various other tasks that convert a RAW shot image into a beautiful memory.

In conclusion, the basic idea of this post is to explain to clients that they are not only paying for the hours that the photographer spends at the event, but also for the hours after the event that the photographer spends working in order to deliver his best work to the client. When your amazing night is over with and done… the photographer’s job is not.